FEV Token

Flat Earth Video Token

What's the purpose of Flat Earth Video Token? To finance the truth!

We intend on creating new video content and that takes money to go up against Nasa's $65 Million a day budget paid by American taxpayers' money! You're here because you've discovered that we're being lied to about the helio-centric globe model.

Flat Earth Video is doing our part to share the truth about where we come from, and we need your help.

We created a limited number of Flat Earth Video Tokens that you are free to buy & sell at your leisure.

Every original coin sold will go to financing video production of new Flat Earth Video content to help reveal the truth about our geo-centric stationary, non-rotating Earth under the firmament.

Contact us at hi@flatearthvideo.com to submit original flat earth video production ideas or have questions about the FlatEarthVideo project.

Join us in telegram https://t.me/flatearthvideo_com

About FlatEarthVideo Token (FEV)

Symbol: FEV
Max/Total Supply: 250,000
Ethereum ERC-20
Token Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x125893d5D5A7A90f6BF3AE279CdBF29B86d88643
Coinpaprika: https://coinpaprika.com/coin/fev-flatearthvideo/ 

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