Amateur Rocket Hits The Firmament


Physical evidence of a hard structure stopping an amateur rocket at 385,800 feet (73.1 miles) shot straight up at 3,780 mph (56 seconds to hit the firmament) and three camera angles (with one side-view camera having a wide-angle fisheye lens) at Black rock Desert in Nevada.

Something hard stopped the rocket’s forward and rotational momentum instantly.

If you turn the volume up, you can hear the nose of the rocket grinding against the hard surface of the firmament/dome.

The grinding noise only stops AFTER the tail section ejects and it bounces off and away from the firmament then begins to tumble.

This was their second attempt since their 2004 launch which attained an altitude of only 72 miles.

I think they planned this launch better as to go just a little further with solid fuel and NOT destroy their rocket by slamming into the firmament.

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  • zander

    It shows round earth at 4:45
    take it down

  • Doug

    For amateur this is one serious rocket...any details on what it is and the cost of such a thing?

  • Doug

    Once you're awake on this issue....you don't go back to sleep