JARLE ANDHØY - The story of Jarle Andhoy!


The main character of this story became famous in the sailing world thanks to his dangerous and criticized by many voyages to the arctic regions of Russia, Norway, Canada, and the South Pole. The directions of his expeditions were marked with the traces of polar explorers from 100 years ago.

He believes that the oceans belong to everyone, that you don't have to ask anyone's permission or ask permission to swim in them.

He is the most famous contemporary Norwegian traveler and sailor. He was a TV hero, a celebrity, a media favourite, a teenage idol. He called himself Berserker, a savage Viking going into battle.

I invite you to a story whose hero is Jarle Andhøy!

It will be cold, far away and there will be no happy ending.

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 When preparing the film, I used the following materials:

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The material used fragments of films:

1. Berserk in Antarctica

2. Wild Vikings

3. Berserk Till Valhall

Descriptions of the pioneers of the Norwegian polar expeditions were prepared thanks to Marcin Wesołowski's website:


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