The Lost History of Flat Earth (Full 5 hour Documentary by Ewaranon)


This video was created by and credited to 'EwarAnon" and uploaded to his Telegram group EWARANON.

Group link: https://t.me/ewaranon
Ewaranon Chat group: tinyurl.com/ewaranon
PART TWO of EWARANON's Lost History of Earth is here:

It was sent to me in a link by several viewers after I released my #145 video about our domed reality. I had spoken about seeing more land extending outside of our domed section, and in this incredible documentary that breaks down all the lies we have been taught by our Captors about our histories, Ewaranon also showcases at around the 4 hour mark, research by an incredible guy whose channel is called "Vibes of Cosmos" ... this part will blow your mind about the Map of our Earth, and how it has been hidden in plain sight all this time ...

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