Don't Let the Sun Go Down! Geocentricity & the Bible (Eph. 4:26b)


Science tells us the Earth rotates around the sun - this is referred to as a heliocentric position. However, were you aware that even in scientific circles this theory has not been proven and many tests have been performed that have shown the theory to be erroneous? Is science out to simply test, evaluate, and discover the factual findings, or do they have an agenda that taints their conclusions? What does the Bible teach us about the Earth and sun? An interesting discussion that may challenge your current thought process.

7/13/2014 - Pastor David B. Curtis - Berean Bible Church - http://www.bereanbiblechurch.org - Message# 714

See transcript of this sermon here: http://www.bereanbiblechurch.org/transcripts/ephesians/eph-04_26b_dont_let_sun_g o_down_video.php

The Biblical Earth
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